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Editorial Services

I am an alumni of the Tessera Editorial mentorship program. I am

experienced in the genres of romance, thrillers/mysteries, science

fiction, and fantasy. I read widely and extensively and as a result I am

very familiar with what readers are and are not looking for. I love to

work closely with authors and have always been dedicated to helping

authors develop their stories and produce their best work. I specialize

in helping authors develop and expand their worlds, plot, and

characters. My strengths also lie in finding discrepancies in the

organization, plot, tone, and/or style.

Services I offer are those of a beta-reader, consultant, developmental

edits, sensitivity reader, query critiques, and developmental edits.

See below for more information on these services:

I will provide broad,

overall constructive

feedback on your story

and will highlight the

main issues

I will help you

brainstorm, flesh out, and

develop your ideas into a

well-plotted out novel.

I will provide you with in

line comments and

detailed feedback on your


I will provide you with

in-line comments, edits

via track change, and an

in depth developmental

edit letter that will

cover the main areas of

your book.

I will provide feedback

on any problematic

issues I may find in your


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